Valerie remains committed to addressing the tough challenges facing our city. She has the experience and community connections we need to leverage opportunities and ensure Renton remains a great place to:


As Renton experiences continued growth, Valerie will keep our city affordable, accessible, and vibrant. She believes in a comprehensive planning approach to growth that addresses jobs, housing, and transportation together.  She will prioritize transit-oriented development that creates more housing options within walking distance of transportation hubs. She will work to shift the city’s solutions to homelessness toward a collaborative regional service-oriented approach. Valerie feels strongly that the City needs to measure and track its carbon footprint and she will seek opportunities to take climate action at the municipal level to help reduce CO2 emissions and ensure a clean and livable Renton for generations to come.


Valerie believes people should be able to live and work in the same city instead of spending hours in traffic. With a vibrant downtown and millions of square feet in office space, Renton is poised to become an attractive home for many successful businesses, large and small. Valerie will establish partnerships that bring more jobs and economic opportunities to Renton while creating housing and transportation options that make sense and are affordable for workers and their families.


Valerie believes children, adults, and seniors all benefit when safe parks, paths, and recreation sites are abundant and accessible. Valerie will protect funding for our nationally recognized Parks and Recreation facilities, open spaces, senior center, and other amenities that increase our quality of life.


Valerie will uphold the city’s critical partnership with the school district and continue to support local organizations that champion our teachers and students to ensure every child has the resources they deserve. She will also look for opportunities to expand the vocational and technical training programs available to all learners, regardless of age or income.