I am humbled and honored to be your City Council Member.

I am retired so this is my day job and I take it seriously.

I am currently Council President. Prior to that I Chaired the Finance Committee as I bring 30 years of actual Finance experience, important when you are charged with collecting, spending, and accounting for the public’s money at around $290 million per year.

I am pleased to have earned my Certificate of Municipal Leadership in my first year on Council.  I am especially proud that I was able to achieve the Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership during my first term.  To me, this Certification is proof of my commitment to be as knowledgeable and effective as I can in serving Renton.

When I ran in 2019, my focus was on elevating the conversation about Municipal response to Climate Change.  Through that advocacy, we have developed a city-wide Clean Economy Strategy, which represents a roadmap of local policies to reduce greenhouse emissions, enhance environmental sustainability and prepare for climate change.  Both the Public Works and Economic Development departments have been reorganized with a focus on climate – through Process, Procurement and Programs and every aspect of our Comprehensive Plan.

During next year’s campaign, I will be focusing on Community Health, Crime and Public Safety.

I believe we are a compassionate society.  We can find ways to address the needs of our unhoused, our hungry, our children, our marginalized and our seniors.  The Human Services budget should continue to focus on basic needs:  funding those local organizations that specialize in shelter and food insecurity, wellness, and economic opportunities for everyone in our community.

Thank you for your trust in me to continue doing the people’s work!

“Learn, lead and legislate for a safe, healthy and hopeful community.”

Valerie O’Halloran